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                  Media Report

                  China Business Network (CBN): China Tea had remarkable achievements in the mixed-ownership reform and accelerated the reform in 2017

                  Release time:2018-05-30

                  In 2017, As one of the ten central enterprises for the mixed-ownership reform and employees’ shareholding, the first batch of pilot ones approved by SASAC, China Tea was guided by the spirit of the reform of state-owned central enterprises, under the strong leadership of the COFCO Party Group of the CPC, completed the mixed-ownership reform successfully on July 20, 2017, by introducing strategic investors, promoting employees’ shareholding, clearly defining the new strategic targets, optimizing the business model, perfecting the corporate governance structure, establishing the market-oriented mechanism of employing persons and incentive mechanism, so as to realize the further improvement in business performance, business scale and market competitiveness, release of the inner development dynamics of China Tea, and entry into the fast development lane of the enterprise.

                  At the end of the year, what changes have taken place in China Tea after a year of reform? What is the difference in mentality after employees have stock ownership? What dividends will the reform bring? On December 29, 2017, the program Financial Morning Bus of China Business Network (CBN) conducted a special interview with China Tea, in order to interpret the achievements of China Tea from the mixed-ownership and employees’ shareholding reform.

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