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                  Company Information

                  Oolong Tea Division convened the 2018 New Spring Purchasing Meeting

                  Release time:2018-05-30

                  On December 20, 2017, Oolong Tea Division, China Tea held the 2018 New Spring Purchasing Meeting in Xiamen.

                  The Meeting participants believed that it is not only beneficial to improve enterprise scale, reduce production cost, but also help through unified deployment, sharing resources, further enhance the operational efficiency of tea, business scale, profitability and market competitiveness that China Tea formed four major divisions, i.e., Oolong Tea Division, Puer Tea Division, Dark Tea Division and Green Tea Division after resource integration, use the logo of China Tea in a unified way, conduct unified procurement, production, channel, and brand, and realize the all-category and integrated operation.

                  On the Purchasing Meeting site, various new products were launched, including "Prosperous Fortune & Wealth ? Seawall Golden Brick", " Prosperous Fortune & Wealth  ? Dahongpao Zodiac Cake", "Golden Key", "Daughter’s Marriage Tea", "2018 Gold Pot Laocong Shuixian", and the new orders rose by 40% compared on a year-on-year basis.

                  Wang Guiqing, General Manager and Wei Saiming Deputy General Manager of China Tea Co., Ltd., and more than 400 dealers from all over the country attended the meeting.

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